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Ncert Solution PDF Download In USA

NCERT stands for National Council for Educational Research and Training. The books published by NCERT are prescribed for schools under CBSE curriculum. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. This system works in India and the countries which go with it.

Ncert Solution PDF

NCERT books pdf are well researched over 30 years and are constantly improved. It is a good idea to read these books along with the study in school in USA. This will enable the students to keep pace with Indian students who probably get more subject knowledge not taught in USA. Most of the books are easy to understand with plenty of exercises within.

Who are we: We are trying to help people who are in USA to get the books when they cannot get from India. We try to get the books from India. If the book is not available with us we print it. We then provide them to the needy parents or students at a resonable charge. This way we help fill the gaps which students face when they study in USA but also want to be connected with Indian curriculum.
NCERT books pdf download

Subject help: We will answer questions which are in the books to help students who are not able to do themselves. They can contact us by email with the problem and we will try to provide the solution. However if the questions are more than what we can answer in a given amount of time, we will invite volunteers who will answer these questions.

We print books in two sizes. 8 x 11 and 5 x 8. While the first format is easy to read with big size printing, the second is space savor and economic to print and get. If there is a lot of text and pictures in a page (which are small) then we recommend only 8 x 11 size book. On the other hand if the book has a lot of pages then for the long life of the book we recommend the book to be split in parts. We also recommend to print in 5 x 8 sizes. This makes it easy to handle and cost effective. We will also be looking to expand our format selection.

NCERT books Order Online 

Apart from NCERT we also sell religious books. Our main collection is from Gita Press publication. We are currently building the list which we will carry on the web site.
Our other services are helping in making and printing a book, taking vidoes and editing both in standard definition and high definition. We also convert old cassettes to disk.
We have simple and cost effective business solutions for the shop owners
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